Comprehensive Orthopaedics
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Comprehensive Orthopaedics
Comprehensive Orthopaedics
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David J Hochman, DC, CCSMS


04/92-04/96         University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic


                                Bridgeport, CT  

Doctor of Chiropractic



03/88-09/92          Sacred HeartUniversity

                                Fairfield, CT 

                                Degree in Respiratory Therapy


09/86/09/88          Johnson and WhalesUniversity

                                Cranston, RI




2013      Chiropractic and Pregnancy

2013     Soft Tissue Injuries

2013     Neurology

2010      Coccygodynia

2007      Permanent soft tissue injury

2007      Texas Chiropractic College

                             Pasadena, TX

                             Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Physician

2007      Texas Chiropractic College

                             Pasadena, TX

                             Exercise, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

2005      Permanent Post Concussion Syndromes & Headaches

2005      Radiographic Terminology

2006     Texas Chiropractic College

                             Pasadena, TX



(203) 265-3280